topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, November 03, 2015

Mad Aceo: Oil Pastel

Carey and I did an oil pastel theme this week.
I used only Sennelier oil pastels, including my metallics and iridescents. As much as I tried, I just cannot properly work in oil pastel without solvent in the under-layers. Gamsol is wonderful stuff. I also used my grey color shapers, which also work well with the solvent.

Ghost Topiary
with acrylic glitter glaze
Black Artagain paper

Gold-Tipped Cactus
with acrylic mica flake medium
Sennelier oil pastel card

Moon Basin
Sennelier oil pastel card

Last Leaf
black artagain paper

Dusk Clouds
Sennelier oil pastel card

Here are Carey's oil pastel ACEOs.


  1. Oh those last two are my favorites!

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  3. I like all of your ATCs. The one with the cactus has an interesting background. Sort of lumpy like some cactus really appear. I like all the different techniques you have used. Fun.


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