topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, November 08, 2015

Golden Mountains

Here are two Golden Mountains.

1. Daya made these yesterday morning. Unsupervised*.  I was not even in the kitchen. I taught her how to made pancakes ONCE a couple of weeks ago.  She did it on her own and totally nailed it. No instant anything here, she whipped up batter and knocked out this amazing perfect fluffy stack of pancakes.

*Daya is not allowed to use the stove when I am not home, but she can use it when I am home. She has perfected scrambled eggs (she even garnishes them) and now, pancakes. It's pretty cool especially Saturday mornings when I wake up at the very last minute to get her to dance on time. I ask her if she ate breakfast.  She says 'Yes I made scrambled eggs, toast with jelly, and hot chocolate."

Fluffy perfection

2. Here is a mountain of Goldens.
Golden Opens, Golden regulars, and some mediums.


  1. Daya you are making me hungry! Jessica you make me want to go create something...

  2. Nice, she has cooking/baking talent if she nailed them like this! Send some over, will ya...? :-)


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