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topiary cats

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

France, etc.

Bring me thunder, bring me steel, bring me coat of iron mail 
Bring me diamond-hardened will and let my courage never fail 
Bring the Lightning to my sword; flashing, living in my hand 
And bring warning to the horde that here, the Battle Raven stands  

I will sing to bring the thunder crashing down from out the sky 
And I'll sing to light the souls of all the warriors soon to die 
And I will sing in battle, bloody songs of power and pain 
And I will sing tonight for War to never come again
                                                                     -Battle Raven, Catt Kingsgrave

Current events generally don't appear on my blog.  But here are my short thoughts on France and the deeply sad recent events there.

I am a New Yorker. I have lived more than half my life in NYC.  It is my home and as much as it is love-hate, I love my city. I also love Paris. And I understand what they are going through because I also lived through it.

I watched that second tower fall with my own two eyes. Not on tv, not even through glass. Just a straight unobstructed close-up view in real-time. I was directly across the Hudson. I had just been in there less than an hour and a half earlier.

It roared.
It stank.
It only took seconds.

NYC today is very different from pre- 9/11. Yes, in many ways we recovered. Yes, people were really nice to each other for a while. Even to this day, strangers waiting for something will tell each other their stories about that morning.

But there is a new culture of mass fear.  We have announcements on the subway constantly.  There are police checkpoints in the subways. You can't take a glass water bottle anywhere.  Going to the Statue of Liberty is a more intense security process than going to the airport. I don't mind complying because that's just what you have to do, although I no longer carry a knife on me, as I did for many years.

Anyhow, I guess what I want to say is I truly understand what it is like to go through something like this, and what I also want to say is that living in fear and hate is never the answer. And I hope that doesn't happen to Paris.

The prospect of war is deeply disturbing to me.  But war is nothing new to the history of humanity. I can only hope it doesn't happen.

As always, I refuse to participate in collective hate and fear.

It is not apathy- I do, in fact, care very deeply. It is just that I choose peace with my energetic choices. So I am standing quietly in the peace corner, consciously projecting it, and that is my energetic contribution. Yes, that certainly IS a contribution. From a position of empathy and total understanding, it becomes all the more powerful.

More hate and fear is never the answer.

Carey said this:

If you think that terrorists can be stopped 
by appealing to their humanity, 
you're a little crazy.

And I agree to an extent. You cannot, for example, fight off hornets with the scent of lavender. You must burn the nest. One can agree and still cultivate/maintain peaceful energy without not falling into fear and hate. It is a powerful thing to have compassion for someone who is actively causing harm.

But violence plus violence never equals peace. It cannot.

There are no "good guys" and "bad guys". On the high-level government view, none are innocent no matter what ideologies they have sold to the masses to justify anything.

If it comes down to it, and someone is trying to hurt me or someone needing protection, I'm going to invoke a Warrior Goddess and do my damnedest to take that threat out.  But until that moment comes- and I pray it never comes- I'm not going to live in fear of it. I am not going to hate anyone. I will practice loving them.

I wrote more about this several years ago.
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  1. The sad reality is that with every event like this we just get more and more afraid. How could we not? And fact is that unless we do something (I'm not talking about responding in a similar fashion, mind you, I'm talking about implementing more security and taking new security measures) it will continue to happen.

  2. If we live in fear then we have lost. I hope that peace and harmony will win.

  3. Peace is a very fragile thing. Most hoped for, most prayed for.


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