topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, November 16, 2015


Today Daya turns 10 years old.
Ten years.
An entire decade.
I have been doing this for an entire decade.

Daya is great. She is doing well, growing up nicely. Healthy.  She is ok. She has a peaceful, stable life.  For all the imperfections, it could be so much worse.

When I was pregnant my stupid ex told me that "the baby will be suicidal by the time she is 10 years old and it will be your fault."  Yes he actually said that. As absurd as it is, these things stick, like diseased ticks. But it isn't true.  I'm here, she is here, and it isn't true.

Daya is well and happy for the most part, and clever, she works hard and loves dance, learning, the cats, and me.

Daya wanted to go on a little shopping spree instead of having a party, which was great with me. She got a few dance things at the Capezio store, then we headed over to the American Girl shop.  She spent her money well and she is very pleased.  Tonight we will go for sushi.

Dru sent her a WONDERFUL and very sparkly dance bag!

It's so sparkly!


  1. Daya will be the envy of the dance class with that sparkly bag. What fun. HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAYA.

  2. Happy Birthday Daya! Enjoy your wonderful sparkly new bag:)

  3. Happy sparkly birthday, Daya!

  4. Happy Birthday, Daya!

  5. Happy Birthday, Daya!


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