topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, October 16, 2015

What the Hell Is It?

Can you guess what these strange-looking things in my studio are?


This is a two-of-a-kind* (I think?) color checker/isolator thingy that Sid made for me.  He even put stickers on it which was very thoughtful.

You look through it like so:

 And the white spot is for value-checking.

*Sid made himself one, too. I do not recall if it also has stickers on it.


Well, yes, that is a spoon,  This is more a "Why the hell?' than a "What the hell?"
That stuff on the spoon is dried linseed oil.  I use the spoon to mix mediums for oil, usually 2 parts oil and 2 parts solvent.  The spoon works very well for this, as I only mix in small amounts.


I have the XL Derwent graphite and charcoal blocks.  This odd-looking block thing is for shaping the blocks to make different marks.


The cuuuuutest little grater you will ever see! Also a Derwent thing, for powdering graphite, inktense blocks, or whatever your fine powder needs might be.


 Turned on its side, it looks like a cat!
 It is a sgraffito tool thingy, for scratching. Like cats scratch.

This is what the package says.  I kept the package so I would remember what this thing is for. Otherwise I will just think it is a cat.

As I write this post, Thursday evening (that was last night), my next door neighbors are BLASTING their TV of a Russian guy talking.  He must be giving a speech or something because no one else is talking and there is no other sound. It sounds like he is right here in my living room.



  1. I had no idea what any of those things were, lol. Oh and I feel you on the noisy neighbor issue. I just filed ANOTHER complaint against mine the other week - took audio proof and everything of the guy SCREAMING his lungs out like some schizo maniac, all the while blasting music and some extremely annoying TV show both at the same time - and the landlord agency emailed me yesterday that 'it had been taken care of'. Which I highly doubt of course, but ehh.

  2. Jessica, I was married to a Russian guy and wow can they talk loud, not sure why unless they just want to make sure they are heard. I often tell my ex he needs to take it down a notch or two... maybe three... lol... It is super annoying xox

  3. Love the little grater!!

  4. I just love odd tools. It is fun to have such a collection.
    I would HATE to have loud neighbors. Isn't that the reason why people have ear pods. To listen to their preferred noise.


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