topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, October 04, 2015

This Sums it Up Nicely

The middle school fair was basically a presentation where the man speaking said the same exact thing about 17 times.

Then the superintendent showed up and talked to us about "options" for our "little gems". She said apply to many schools, 12 or 20. (what!!!!)

Yeah right.  There is something called Life Logistics.

Anyhow, we will apply to two (2) schools.  Open houses are next week. Whichever school Daya is accepted into, she already has dance team friends there. So that's nice.

Here is the middle school directory for our district.  I think it sums up the education system very nicely: walking up a bunch of stairs when there are elevators.


Check out that girl over there at the bottom...
she's thinking serious expletives


  1. Good luck with the applications!

  2. It seems like a strange way to get into a public school. Best of luck.


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