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topiary cats

Thursday, October 08, 2015

There is a Word for It!

Oh My Gosh.

I just learned that there is something called misophonia. I always knew I was nuts about certain sounds, but I never knew there was an actual name for it!

What is Misophonia?

Misophonia, literally “hatred of sound”, is believed to be a neurological disorder characterized by negative experiences (anger, flight, hatred, disgust) triggered by specific sounds.


Here is a non-comprehensive list of sounds I can. not. stand.

Loud chewing/eating noises
Chewing gum
Chewing gum popping
Ceiling thunder from upstairs neighbors
Loud breathing
Nail filing
Nose-whistles (when breathing through your nose makes a whistling sound)
WHISTLING (omg i die)

Here is a misophonia quiz!

I travel with earplugs.  Everywhere. Foam earplugs are WONDERFUL and I buy them in jars, like this:

A couple of years ago I sat next to an ice-chewing co-worker.  After lunch every day he would chew through a LARGE cup of ice.  It drove me absolutely batshit crazy, so I started wearing earplugs at work.

Then my desk was moved and I don't have that problem anymore.  It was rough for a while though.

I love these
Pebbles also likes chew on

This image makes me feel very happy and peaceful, and not just because they look like cheeze puffs.

Le Sigh :)


  1. Hah, well TIL... :-) The sound that I hate the most is that of our ridiculously loud neighbors. These people are RELENTLESS. How two people can make THAT much noise AROUND THE CLOCK really baffles me, sometimes we think they're trying to test us... see how long they can do this before we go homicidal on them. We're seriously considering moving because of the noise, it is THAT bad.

  2. I lead a very quiet life. Traffic noise bothers me. Loud anything gets my nerves rattled easily.
    Sadly we shall never meet. You would end up hating me. When I chew gum I inevitably
    pop my gum, I chew ice and I like to whistle. So...sadly...I guess this is goodbye.


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