topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, October 18, 2015

More Flakes & Beads & Stucco etc

Acrylic texture mediums are my new obsession.
Thank goodness they are finite in number.

I see so many creative possibilities with these.  It is very exciting.  They cannot be used over oil paint of course, but there is no reason a decorative acrylic background couldn't be integrated with an oil portrait, for example.

There is a sand medium (actually plural, there are a few of them) and I don't know if I need it (them) or not, yet.

In the meantime, here are more super fun mediums.

Liquitex Black Lava
Liquitex Ceramic Stucco
Golden Glass Beads*
Golden Mica Flake (Large)
Golden Pearl Mica (small)

Added to previous test panel:
Golden Glass beads under the Liquitex Glass Beads
Golden Clear Tar Gel (mixed with cerulean blue)

* Yes I have the Liquitex Glass beads. I read that the Golden glass bead medium is far more densely loaded.  I needed to compare them. There are worse things than being ridiculous about art supplies, right??

The Glass Bead Verdict: Yes, Golden's medium is far more densely packed than Liquitex. The beads in the Liquitex medium are a bit larger.  Golden does not seem to dry clear in thicker patches; Liquitex does. The Liquitex can be applied in a few layers to get more beads on there.  I like them both.

NOTE: I also got a crackle medium, but I still need to test it.


  1. I love textured paintings!

  2. Now this sounds like so much fun! I love this type of thing. It is always fun to find ways to use them.


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