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topiary cats

Monday, October 05, 2015

It Actually Does Make Sense

I never thought I would say this, but having to apply to middle school (and high school- getting into a good high school is a Big Deal)- actually makes sense.

I thought it was weird and bizarre to have to apply and hope you get accepted into public schools, too.  It is a NYC thing- I never heard of it anywhere else.

We do have zoned schools here.  With some exceptions, you have to go to your zoned elementary school.  Daya does not, because she is in the gifted program and our zoned school does not offer it. That's why she takes the bus instead of walking. So if your zoned elementary school is crap, and many are, you are out of luck unless your child needs a special program not offered at your zoned school.

Speaking of the school bus, we ditched it completely.  She just takes the regular public transit bus. The school gave her a student metrocard, so it is free.  I LOVE not having to deal with that stupid school bus- it was a longer walk in the mornings, and we had to stand outside in all kinds of nasty weather and hope it showed up.

Usually the bus showed up more or less on time, but it often did not and there was no way of knowing. If you miss it, that's it.  If it doesn't show up, you just wait for as long as you are willing and then take your child to school anyhow. the MTA is way more reliable, and I can track where the bus it while we wait.

Daya did not like the kids on the school bus; they were obnoxious and annoying.

So, back to applying to public schools. Starting in middle school, there are specialized schools. Some schools are just not good, others are excellent.  So if your zoned school is crap, you might not have to go there. If your child is leaning toward a particular area of interest, there's probably a school for it.

Because we have so much public transit, and by middle school students are expected to use it if parents don't drive, having a school in walking distance is not a big deal like it is for the elementary schools. So geographically there are more options.

In our case, I do not want Daya to go to our zoned school.  There is a better one right here in the neighborhood, and they have a performing arts program.  So we will try and get in there. But if we don't get in there, Daya will just go to our zoned school which is still good. Both will work just fine for our logistics. She already has friends in both schools. Either way, she will still receive an acceptance offer for middle school.  Everyone does.

As far as high school- we are both really, really wanting Daya to go to a performing arts high school. And it could be anywhere.  That's really when we will apply to a bunch of schools around the city. She has to keep her grades up.  Getting into high schools can be very competitive.

I am beyond grateful that Daya is very self-motivated.  It does make a huge difference that she wants to excel, of her own accord.  She does well, and I am very proud of her.

Daya assistant-teaches two dance classes.  There was a substitute yesterday, and Daya basically ran the whole class on her own.  Isn't that cool?


  1. Like I said before, to me the concept of having to apply to a school full stop is still hard to grasp, but yeah, I guess in a way it does make sense.

  2. Of course you will do what is best for your darling Daya. I live in a very small town with few schools to choose from. You either accept it or home school your children. Some people do that. A different world. Your sweet Daya is and will be a force to contend with. She is growing up so fast. I think it is fantastic that there are specialty schools for children with particular talents.

  3. Our children have to go to their zoned school too but luckily I was able to get Valentina into one outside of our area because they offered French, once she was there, they kept her even though she didn't stay in the French program after grade 4... it is a much better school than the one she was supposed to go to xox

  4. I love that you have options!


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