topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Holey Yoga

On the way to yoga last night, I saw a person ( him? her? I never found out) carrying around what I can only assume is a Minecraft block.

Because I HAD to get a picture on the sly, I followed this person for two blocks like a Creeper (HAHAHA!!! I made a very good funny there) trying to get a picture. This was the best I got.

Last week in yoga, I noticed a small hole in my yoga pants. So I grabbed another pair. Except that I grabbed my REALLY HOLEY pair- not only do they have paint on them, but they are so holey they look like a scary monster,

My yoga pants are watching you

I seriously almost reconsidered going to class, but I just decided to embrace the situation and try to be as decently indecent as possible. It wasn't a big deal, though I was overly conscious about it.

These are the same yoga pants I wore ten years ago when I was pregnant! I won't even go to Duane Reade in them, and that is really saying something. But they are good for painting in.


  1. Hahaha, I love that you chased that person around like a real paparazzi! :-)

  2. Funny you were attracted to a Minecraft block. I wonder if that person felt your presence. I hope you treat yourself to a new pair of yoga pants. Maybe two pair.

  3. I certainly think it is time to treat yourself to a new pair or two of yoga pants... I am hoping to do that this Fall... I have really used my other ones up too... now they are really big... I wouldn't want them falling off sometime... lol


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