topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, October 15, 2015


I said to Daya, as we were coming home from dance, "I think my missing Lord of the Rings dvd is in your room, because it isn't anywhere else."

Since I have gone through everything I own this year, and purged and organized everything, I can say that with definite authority. And I have been looking for that disc. Almost obsessively.

It has been driving me batshit crazy.


Daya immediately said, "Oh yeah! Is it beige and says Part Two on it?"


"Yeah, I have it!  It is with my DVDs in my DVD case. Does it have vines on it?"


When we got home she produced that DVD in less than 30 seconds.

I have been looking for it since EARLY JANUARY.


Update on linked post: the smoke detector was replaced a long time ago.

There are no more outstanding "lost things".


  1. Just think of how neat and organized you are from looking for it. ha... Never fails...

  2. That is awesome... when I moved into my place, I had someone help me unpack... there were many items I couldn't find... about a year later I was cleaning out a closet and all the items were in the back of the closet... Unfortunately my place is in a disarray and I would be hard pressed to find an item... I am getting inspired to get it together from reading your blog... xox


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