topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, September 12, 2015

Wise Investment

One of the best things I ever invested in was a large clear umbrella.  Two, actually- one for me, one for Daya.

Mine lives at work.

There are serious advantages to a clear umbrella:
1) You can keep the rain off and see where you are going, regardless of wind direction
2) If you are short like me, and your face is right at umbrella-spoke-end height, the clear umbrella serves as a very effective armor. Umbrellas are dangerous to short people. Especially short people with contact lenses.
3) Folded up, it makes a great weapon, if necessary.

Times Square,
as seen from inside umbrella

NOTE 1: FYI the absolute most disgusting place in NYC in the rain is Canal Street.
NOTE 2: I don't mind Times Square in the rain, especially with my umbrella armor, because THE CREEPY CHARACTERS ARE NOT OUT.


  1. Thanks for the advise.

  2. That is a cool picture.

    I was in Times Square in the rain, actually.

    But I didn't enjoy it because a) no umbrella and b) was worried about the (def. non-waterproof) hat I just bought. (And ofc, sub-a) it was NY. Sorry, but still true.)


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