topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, September 04, 2015


Last night as I was going to get Daya from dance, a stranger stopped me in the subway.

I thought she was going to ask me for directions, because EVERYONE asks me for directions.  I am Directions Central.  Everywhere I go.

But no.

She stopped me to tell me my dress was great and I was rocking it. Wow.  She said that especially New Yorkers, who are in such a rush all the time, need to take the time to notice and appreciate the beauty in the people around them.

And wow, she stopped me to tell me that!

She wanted to know where I got my dress....I got it a few years ago on ebay I think, for $15-$20.

I gave her a big hug.  She made my whole day.  My whole week.

And it is so true...we need to stop and notice the beauty in the people around us, and tell them about it.

If you see a stranger and you notice something great about them, tell them about it!

Extremely rare pic of me


  1. Beautiful no doubt. What a pleasant experience.

  2. How great! I love random compliments from strangers. I forget to give them. This is a good reminder.


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