topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

My Cat Won a Makeup Contest

Yes, it's true.
Isis won a makeup contest.

Karen over at Makeup and Beauty Blog does giveaways every week. She is assisted by Tabs, who is awesome.

Isis has a crush on Tabs, so she likes to leave comments sometimes.

Isis left a comment on one of the giveaway posts, and she was randomly selected!  She won a $50 MAC gift card!

My cat won a makeup contest!

I was shocked to see this email:

Hi Jessica (on behalf of Isis the Cat)!

 I hope you like random surprises. :) Remember the September 4th MAC $50
 e-gift card giveaway on MBB? 
Well, you're the lucky girl! You're the winner!

This is nothing like those letters from the FBI!
I know this because Karen did not say "Dear Beneficiary".


Today I don't have a NYC picture. :(


  1. HAH! This is so awesome! Congrats, kitty :-)

  2. Beautiful photo of Isis!

  3. Isis is a NYC resident. Of course it is a NYC picture. Lucky Isis winning the makeup.


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