topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, September 07, 2015

Dead Beach

Daya's foot is feeling much better and she is back to practicing dance.
We stayed in again yesterday, which gave me some time at the easel.

Here is a dead beach painted with a dead palette.

6x8 oil on canvas panel
About three hours

Apparently watching me paint is extremely boring. Pebbles was supposed to be supervising and providing technical expertise, but she fell asleep in the Brush Farm.

Here are all the paints used in the dead beach.
I love my Williamsburg Italian Earths. They are earth pigments from different regions in Italy.

It is what is called a "dead palette" - traditionally an earth red, earth yellow, black and white.
Dead palettes are very fun. They are far more versatile than they might appear at first.


  1. Wow, I think this is fantastic. I like the way you had so much light in such a 'dead' palette.

  2. I really like it. I love the movement and the shadows. Very nice.


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