topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, August 03, 2015

Then What? (PRT)

Recently I read this blog post which asks a question:

Imagine everything in your life was fixed. You had all you needed. You were, brace yourself… actually happy. Content even. Then what? What would you do with your time here?

I don't agree with everything in the blog post.  But I did like this question. It is an important one.

Interestingly, it is something that I consciously dealt with and answered last September. It did come up for me in the course of my meditations. So it was very interesting to see it AFTER I had already been presented with it, and after I had already answered it.

I know what my answer is to this question.

I know it fully and deeply; I thought about it, but it didn't take very long. It is my Inner Truth and I doubt it will ever change.

Even though I do post some really personal things here, my answer to this question remains between me and God.  I have already said there is only one thing I want for myself in this life.  I do not have it.  I may never have it. But my answer remains the same, regardless if I have that one thing or not.

What is your answer?

Archangel Michael


  1. This is a very good question. I believe some things are best kept between me and God.

  2. I'd probably just find new problems to deal with, lol... That's me.

  3. Hmm. The question is wrong. I'll have to blog about why.


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