topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

The Question (PRT)

Carey posted a post in response to my post yesterday, about the question... (ha!) ... being a wrong question.

Her post is here.

It's interesting that Carey interpreted this question in a totally and completely different way than I ever understood or related to it. To me, there is absolutely nothing hedonistic about it. It is a question of spiritual truth. This is a very valid question that has been asked throughout time in many different forms. It is, basically,  When you do not have to worry about anything concerning yourself anymore, what do you then focus on?

This came up for me very strongly in meditations last year...when you basically have everything you would desire for your own life, what next?

It is not a question of "What makes me happy?" or even "What do I base my happiness on?" It really isn't even about personal happiness at all. It is about allowing the mind to set aside those things which we do worry about- the mundane stuff...or personal goals...and asking ourselves- if we didn't have to put so much attention and focus on those things, what would we do? Where would our energy go? What would we focus on?

It is a very good question, one that people sometimes never consider.

Humanity is in the midst of a shift. What has been completely external (in Western thought) is shifting to incorporate the internal.

"As within, so without"

It requires balance.
It requires constant practice.



  1. I guess I actually interpreted the question wrong then yesterday. I didn't think so far. Or I guess I should say I didn't think so deep.


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