topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Rose-Colored Panels (PRT)

I needed some motivation, so I asked Carey if she wanted to paint last night.  Something low-commitment. Small. 5x7. Oil pastel. She said yes because she was thinking the same thing.

First, I had to extract a 5x7 card out of a larger sheet of Bristol.

Of course that is a Derwent pencil!

Then we decided to prime with Rose Grey Colorfix.
In one thick layer.

We both actually washed the brushes we used! (you kind of have to, since the primer is acrylic)

And then the painting started.

I used only Senns.  Normally, I like to do an underpainting with solvent.  I did a little but I don't like solvent on top of colorfix. It sits on top and the surface stays too wet.

Color Shapers:  I used my new gray ones (the ones Carey likes) and the white ones I normally like.
My Verdict: I like both very much but I found myself using the white ones a little more.  Senns are very soft and the white color shapers, with a gentle touch, work the surface very nicely.

Masterpiece not required, this certainly is not, but hey I got to the easel!
I might work it a little more tomorrow, when the surface sets. It is about 10:15pm and I got completely exhausted all of a sudden. Time to sleep!

Go check it out because she knows how to rock those oil pastels like no one else.


  1. Oooh very cool to see all the different steps!

  2. Since I don't know a thing about pastels I am curious about what you do with them. A nice start for sure.

  3. It must have been in the air last night. I was up late making a sketch book. Maybe the shorter days are bringing out the muse in all of us.

  4. Oh, very nice!!

    The white shapers are probably fine with Senns, but they'd never work with all of mine, especially as you can see how much I scrub!


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