topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Recently Spotted (PRT)

Things I have seen over the last few days that I don't have pictures of, unfortunately:
(Use your imagination.)

1. An old bearded man in Times Square dressed head to toe as a pot plant.  He was wearing a huge lion's mane of giant fake pot leaves, with a huge sign on his chest about legalizing marijuana.

2. A young man stealing a bike tire and not even bothering to hide it.

3. A young man, with his phone on a selfie stick recording video, documenting his experience of walking into Sephora. Yeah, must remember that.


  1. ... You need to go back to Times Square, find that man and take a picture! Hahaha :-)

  2. Nothing like a walk around town. Wish I could've seen Plant Man.


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