topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, August 27, 2015

Pastel Bath (PRT)

Some of my soft pastels were in serious need of a bath.

The best way to clean pastels is in sand, or something grainy like cornmeal.
Since I have cornmeal, that's what I used.

Shake them gently for a minute or two...

And they come out nice and clean.

Then they are ready to be put away nicely.

When I first loaded up this box
it look me


  1. These little logs of color fascinate me. I have never used them. I can see by your collection of all these delicious colors that they could be addictive. They look like a picture all lined up in these trays. Little soldiers ready to conquer any art paper.

    1. Lisa, you really need pastels in your life. You doooooo.
      They get addicting. This is not my whole collection, but it is most of it.
      Comparatively, my collection is very small. I have seen others' collections that make me swoon they are so amazing!


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