topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Comfy (PRT)

Apparently, making silly faces is very tiring.... Pebbles has decided to nap in the laundry, which she somehow moved and spread out all by herself.  I think that happened when all three cats went on hyper-drive and were literally flying around my apartment....

It is hard to tell but I think she has made herself comfy.

Isis likes to sleep in strange squished contortions on the back of the couch.
How is this comfy? She is sideways-half-caved-in!

And here is Furball, properly on the bed, being completely normal and perfect.
Truly, Furball can do no wrong, ever.


  1. Hahaha, thanks for the laughs, this was great :-) Silly kitties...

  2. A lovely pride of cats. I am sure they are great company and entertainment.


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