topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, July 09, 2015

Utah Plein Air

Of course painting happened in Utah.  I didn't do as much as I thought I might, but that is ok.  My art supplies got packed first, and it is the only thing I tend to over-pack.

Here is a little painting I did from Carey's back deck.  She has such a gorgeous mountain view.

6x8 oil on panel

When we went to the reservoir to paint, I painted a frisbee-status painting with pastels.  Carey said she liked it but I know she was lying just to be nice.  She didn't have to though, I know a frisbee when I paint one,  It happens and it is ok.  Just part of making paintings.

Daya wanted to paint, too, so I set her up with my oils gear.

Daya's painting, 6x8 oil on panel
She did a great job!  I did not help her at all...and her composition is fantastic!!!

Daya's Painting

Here is Daya painting her second oil painting and her second plein air painting.
She has a wonderful sense of color, and also a natural eye for composition. Her focal point is perfectly placed!  She has depth, atmospheric perspective, and color harmony. And it is a nice moody painting. I don't mean to brag but I think it is rather brilliant for a 9 year old. And it was all her. I don't coach or guide her on how to make a painting. It is better right now to let her do what comes naturally.

And here is her palette, which I kept and hung up.

I also allow Daya to use my camera.  (I also gave her my old Canon powershot) Here she is taking close-ups of giraffes at the Bronx Zoo.

She got some really good shots.

Daya took this picture.

The Empress (upright)

Fertility, nurturing, Mother Earth. Giving life- can also be applied to a creative endeavor. The natural world and elements.  All things nature. Creativity, new life. Feminine power.


  1. Daya's work looks great! She's very artistic :-)

  2. A lot of feminine power on this page. Daya is lucky to have a guiding Mother such as yourself. You are lucky to have such a intuitive talented daughter. I never get to all the painting that I want to do when I travel. I never finish what I want to do when I return home either. A vicious circle. I have always wanted to travel in a fashion that I could paint as long as I want at any given place. Always in a hurry.

  3. Yep. I'm such a liar.

    In reality, it was terrible. No redeemable qualities whatsoever. I didn't love how you put your colors down or how they were used. Nope. Not at all.

    Both of your paintings were lovely. <3

  4. Love both of your girls paintings! Daya is amazing! Glad she is enjoying photography too!


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