topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, July 06, 2015

The Greedy Cat and the Comfy Box

This past week I received two (2) boxes from Amazon, which were about the same size.  They were also nicely cat-sized, so I put one on the floor.  Isis immediately went to the box and would not leave it.

Because Isis was so happy, I thought I would put the second box down so another cat could enjoy it.

One comfy box was not enough.  Isis wanted the second box for herself, too.
So she ensured no one else would want the first box while she was comfy in the second box.

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Having successfully secured the first box. Isis went and occupied the second box.

Mission Accomplished!

5 of Wands (upright)

Many different energies/focuses/directions from a single source.  All the different things we must put our energy to in life. Being pulled in many different directions. Balancing these different directions, managing conflicts. Can also be conflicted feelings. Different things fighting for attention from one source. Could be healthy competition, could also be fighting/strife within a family or close group.

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  1. That naughty Isis.
    The card is what is going on in my life now. The In-laws are coming to visit this weekend. Shudder...


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