topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Sharpie Requirements

Carey sent me a baffling text yesterday.

She was at Walgreens, and she bought a pack of Sharpie permanent markers.
They carded her.

Carey got carded to make sure she was old enough to buy Sharpie markers.

I had to see if that would happen here, too. Because that is so incredibly absurd.
The vet is right by a Walgreens, and I had to get Pebbles after work, so I stopped in and got a pack of Sharpies.

The first pack
Furball thinks they are suspicious

I did not get carded.
(By the way, I DO still occasionally get carded for alcohol.)

Pebbles and I took the bus home.  We got off the bus next to another Walgreens.
I HAD to see if not being carded was a fluke or not, so I went in and got some chocolate and a pack of Sharpies.

The second pack
Furball is sniffing Sharpies

Again, I did not get carded.  Nor does the cash register beep to tell the cashier to ask for ID.

1) We have more pressing problems in NYC than the sale of Sharpie markers to minors
2) The rules don't apply to me


The Hermit (upright)

Oh, The Hermit. This card, more than any other, sums up my whole life.  A few years ago I looked up some life path thing based on birth date (I have the book I got it from, must look it up again sometime to explain it better) but I got The Hermit.  Which did not surprise me one little bit.

Sometimes I love The Hermit and sometimes I really struggle with it. Sometimes both at the same time. This is such an important card for me, I really should do a whole blog post on it sometime.

The Hermit is a solitary and introspective card.  It stands for an inner journey, spiritual knowledge, wisdom.  The Hermit is always alone but has a guiding light at all times. Seeking the truth within yourself. Contemplation, soul searching. turning away from the outer world to focus on the inner world. Alone in the wilderness in a vision-quest kind of way. Spiritual attainment. Detached compassion and acceptance of others.


  1. Whuuuut, you can get carded for wanting to buy sharpies? LOL :-)

  2. What age did they want her to be? Haha! When I think 'too young for sharpies' I think, like... 3?


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