topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, July 31, 2015

Get Ready for Pigeon Risk Time (PRT)!

July is over after today.
We made it through July.
One day at a time.
We made it.
That includes you, dear reader, so CONGRATS!
It was not easy.

July is usually pretty awful, but August.... well, I simply do not do August. August is too awful to even contemplate.  The transition to Pigeon Risk Time (PRT) starts at midnight across all time zones.

I am very, very serious about PRT. It is not a joke.  It is a buffer from Bad August Things.  It works.

This year is the ninth annual Pigeon Risk Time (PRT).
PRT is non-exclusive.  Anyone is welcome to join the alternate-reality-time frame.
Time is an illusion; one everyone just assumes without thinking that we all agree on.

I fundamentally disagree with August.

May your month of Pigeon Risk Time be safe, boring and uneventful.


  1. I find your resentment for the summer months somewhat unsettling, lol ;-) I've never felt so strongly about a particular month myself.

  2. I HATE August! What ever you want to call it PRT or August. It is a hateful month. I hibernate during August. It is a cruel month.


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