topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, July 12, 2015

Cat Pee Lake

On Friday morning, I woke up because Pebbles was sweeping my down comforter with her paw, in the way that cats sweep litter over their poop.

This immediately brought me out of groggy sleep-land, in a very alarming way.
I looked at my lovely down comforter, which I should mention I was underneath.

There was still-wet cat pee on it.

Not a dribble, oh no.  This was a LAKE of cat pee.  New cat pee. Wet cat pee.  Nasty cat pee.


Before I went to Utah, she was confined to the bathroom when no one was home and overnights.  She was not confined while I was away, and she was good.  So I let her stay out all the time.  She had been so very, very good and then......then.....


So we went to the vet on Saturday to see what we could see.

Pebbles was not a happy kitty.

She cried all the way to the vet.

Pebbz got some shots, was probed, they took some blood, and tried to get pee but.....she had no pee in her to give. She had no pee when we needed it. Astounding.

So, I have to take her back on Monday to see if we can get pee. In the meantime she is getting bloodwork done to make sure it is ok for her to go on Prozac. 

The vet agrees with me that Pebbles has some kind of attachment anxiety and she is making a statement that I am HERS, and the bed is HERS, and the down comforter is HERS.

NOT happy kitty

Pebbz did not mind scoping out the exam room

She really doesn't pee anywhere else besides my bed and the litter box.
So, Prozac.
I cried all the way home because 
the visit cost exactly $300.

My Sigynn was on Prozac for years because of anxiety peeing, and it worked! So we are fixing Pebbles' mixed up cat-brain and hopefully life will be more harmonious and pee-free from how on. 

I require a pee-free lifestyle. 

Because I cannot tell you- there are no words to adequately express- how sick I am of cat pee. 

Page of Wands (reversed)

Unsuccessful new visions or new projects, flightiness, scattered, over-reactive, setbacks, wrong approaches in new ventures.  Can also be a person who is immature or has self image problems.


  1. Oh nooooo, naughty kitty! But she only did it out of love, lol... :-) Just imagine if humans did this. 'YOU ARE MINE! I WUV YOU! So Imma pee on you now, k'

  2. Poor you! Hopefully the issue can be resolved, because cat pee=YUCK!

  3. AAAAHHhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!! BAD CAT!!!!!!!!!!!! No excuse. She better be sick. Good luck for you.

  4. Oh piss!!! I'm so sorry. Good luck!


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