topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, July 20, 2015

Camping with Paint

We went camping this weekend!  I LOVE camping!  Of course I took my plein air gear. The best part of traveling is painting on location!  All my plein air paintings have stories and memories attached to them.

Here is a painting in the woods, Saturday morning.  We were waiting out a little rainstorm. It was a good time to paint.

6x8 oil on panel

Near the camp site, there is a little rocky bluff/beach.  It was overcast at first, then the sun came out. There was so much color, and so many pretty rocks.

another 6x8 oil on panel

And finally, I had to paint at night when we were sitting around the fire.  I got an LED music stand light for my box, and it worked out perfectly! The sparks the camp fire made were so pretty.

Unfortunately this is a tough painting to photograph because of all the subtle dark value colors, and the glare was impossible to eliminate.  It should be scanned but of course it is still wet.

Again, 6x8 oil on panel

King of Wands (upright)

Fire energy, leadership, executing an idea, visionary, goal-oriented person.


  1. Loving all the work! But the first one has to be my favorite.

  2. What a delightful weekend. I can see it in your paintings.

  3. What fun! So glad you were able to go!


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