topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Assorted Oddities

When I went to Utah, Carey sort-of challenged me to pack something strange.  Actually she said she would see what the weirdest thing I packed was, and I could poke around her house to see what I thought she had that was weird.

I did not have to poke around very much.......

The weirdest thing I brought has to be credited to Daya.
Someone gave her silkworm pods in school.
So they visited Utah, and some of them relocated there.

Silkworm pods!

The winning contenders in Carey-Oddity:

1. A ghillie suit!
You know, in case you have to hide from something suspicious.
Gotta watch those Utah people.

For serious needs to hide

2. The Crawling Eye


Yeah, I don't know either.

Be careful, it bites.

3. Freaky-Looking Barbie
A much better role model.
She will mess you up

Her cats are pretty strange too, come to think of it.

Every time Kitty saw me, 
he went in the bathtub.

Face is....well, Face.

Pook!  There is a Pook!


  1. Awwww, look at the cute kitties not giving a shit, lol :-) I love the crawling eye by the way, I want one.

  2. This is a different way to look at someone, by their oddities. The funny thing is Everyone thinks their oddities are perfectly lovely.

    1. I think everyone's oddities are lovely too. :)

  3. I will fully accept that my odd things are odd. :D And I love them because I am weird. I am not at all surprised that Jessica had to list several items.

    We really ought to have watched The Crawling Eye while you were here, Jessica...I am a terrible hostess, allowing you to leave without that...

    The silkworm pods were super cool. I might also have listed your paint box, just for its amazing cleaver mechanisms!

  4. ...not that your box was full of cleavers or anything.......nope, I'm sure you packed no cleavers....


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