topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, June 20, 2015

Those Suspicious Artists

First things first.

Wireless Mouse Update:
It is hardly a surprise that I was unclear about my wireless mouse USB transmitter thingy, Let me clarify.

I did not bring my computer or my wireless mouse or the very tiny USB transmitter thingy to Carey's.
My USB transmitter thingy was plugged into my desktop as it always is, and the mouse was working just fine when I left, because using it to shut down my puter was the very last thing I did before leaving home to go to Carey's. When I came home it was gone and my nice purple wireless mouse would not work.


This is a situation that is too baffling and complex for me, so the only solution was to go buy a new wireless mouse. My spare mouse is too crappy to use for anything good, such as playing Skyrim.

When I arrived in Utah, the first thing Carey and I did was buy art supplies.  Papers, to be exact. This wasn't planned, it just happened.

This is the nice paper I got. As you can see, it is black and lovely.

On my last day in Utah we also bought art supplies.  I am extremely excited about my Blick clean-up.

1. Manikin pet kitty for my person-manikin who lives on my drawing table with topiary trees.
2. Derwent Graphitint Blocks (in a tin!)
3. Derwent Colored charcoal blocks (in a tin!)
4. Derwent Inktense blocks (in a tin!)  Carey has a set of these and they are wonderful and I needed them too.
5. Set of Derwent metallic colored pencils (in a tin!)
6. Erasers that look like colored pencils.  I asked Daya if she wanted them and she said no so that means they are mine.

SIDE NOTE: I LOVE Derwent pencils etc.  I only use Derwent because I like them.  They have been my go-to standard since high school.

Carey has these metallic pencils too, and she said they are perfect for the black paper I got.
It is so nice when things just work out perfectly like that.

This is, by far, the most important thing I got.


Out of the shadows comes......


Every. Single. Time. I check a bag with paint gear inside, it gets physically inspected. While it is true that there were some definitely strange items in my suitcase, at least they all had proper context. ......Except for the giant dandelion seeds, the silkworm pods, the habanero sugar, and the black lava salt......

And I am extremely relieved that the TSA agents did not snack on my strawberry jalapeƱo jam.

Oh, Carey's art supplies are here, if you want to see them.  (Of course you do)


  1. ...

    I wanna buy a cat, just so I can put a unicorn horn on its head!!! :-)

  2. Oh, that is totally weird about the mouse usb thingy! I think buying a new one is the only solution, they are not expensive.

    The art supplies are making me drool - I need them all, NEED!

    My cat would probably kill me in my sleep if I unicorned her - but I am tempted, nevertheless...

  3. I can see that you had too much fun. I am sure your cats think so too.

  4. Mouse-thing...cats home alone......

    We don't believe in coincidences.

    I love seeing your tins and paper again. <3 lovely.


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