topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, June 14, 2015


I remember the 100th anniversary of the Statue of Liberty.  This was when I was still living in my hometown, Newtown, Connecticut. There was a celebration fair in town, and we got a flyer about it in school. Since I have always loved the Statue of Liberty, I wanted to go, and my father took me and my sister.

One of the small items for sale was a small 3" pewter statue.  It cost $5. I wanted one, and my father gave me the money and sent me over alone to buy it.  There was a child slightly older than me handling the table, and I gave him the money and took the figurine.  I guess he was confused about our transaction, because his mom called me back to figure out what had happened.  I told her I gave the money (which the boy confirmed).  She switched out my figurine with one under the table which was not the display item with a price tag stuck to it.  And all was sorted out and well.

I never made it to the Statue of Liberty as a child. My Girl Scout troop planned a trip, but I could not go because my mother decided to move us to Georgia. I was so very disappointed.

Over the years, this little pewter figure became a sort of secret personal talisman for me. I used to take it places with me, especially if I was travelling. And when I finally made it over to Liberty Island, it came with me.

These days, it lives on my house altar.


  1. How nice to have something memorable from your childhood.

  2. Some things have a special power because we put it in them - love the idea of a home altar!


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