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topiary cats

Saturday, June 13, 2015


...there was a girl who was pregnant and clueless about being pregnant.  So she read the right books, but she didn't have any friends to talk to who had been through it.  She had no Real Life perspective. Because she couldn't talk to her mother about it, or her sister, or anyone, really. She wanted to go inside the minds of other women who were experiencing this crazy thing. She needed to find people to relate to, who understood.

So one day she decided to look up pregnancy blogs.  She found many interesting people.  She enjoyed reading about their experiences, their stories, and their lives in general.  They were Real People. Some of them had large, popular blogs.  Some did not. But they all had one thing in common- they were real stories about real people, about things that were happening right now.  They were direct, they were intimate. And each of them was a starting point to find other people who shared their stories, through links and comments.

And the girl learned more about pregnancy from the inside out from blogging than from anywhere else. She thought, "Their lives are so interesting." Sometimes she thought, "I wish my life was like that, too." Or, "I wish I had that." Or, "She is so fortunate and she doesn't even realize it." Sometimes they went through hardships, and she would empathize, and wait impatiently with them, and maybe say a prayer for them.

A few years passed and the girl was no longer pregnant. But she still read many of the same blogs, which continued after those women were no longer pregnant.  Some of them went on to have other children.  One day as she was reading one of those blogs, she had an insight, a revelation:

"These women have basically normal lives, just like most of us. 
They are neither different, nor more or less interesting than anyone else. 
What makes them interesting is that they know how to tell a story."

The girl realized that anything, however mundane, can be turned into a story. That there are stories all around us, if we know how to see them, in the same way that there are potential paintings all around us, at all times.

It is a little bit magical.

I don't mention my blog to many people I encounter in person.  But sometimes I do, and when I mention that I have been posting every day, a very common reaction is that their own lives are dull and boring, and they would not have anything to write about. They have nothing to say. I disagree. It is all about seeing what is around you. There is weird, quirky, odd stuff EVERYWHERE.


  1. Yep! People who are good at telling a story SEEM to have more interesting livest than we do but in reality they are just really good at describing every day life and its every day events :-)

  2. You bet. You are a good storyteller.


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