topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Speedo Veto

This past weekend I set up Daya's aquarium again.  It has been dormant for way longer than I meant for it to be...

So I cleaned it out and filled it and put all the stuff in the right places and put the right stuff in the water and then we went and got her some new fishies.

She got some glow-fish and tetras and some green and black stripey fish.  I don't know what they are but everyone can live with each other in peace and love and harmony and they all have a same-species BFF.

Daya loves her fishies and she had to name them, of course.

She named them:



I immediately vetoed Speedo.  The fish is now named Caffeine.

Speedo is not a good fish name,
swimwear non withstanding.

Caffeine is a very good fish name.

Fish are hard to photograph.


  1. Fish are fun. A very calming pet.

  2. Hahahaha, come ooooon ,let her name the fish Speedo!!! :-) I used to have two fish named Haai (Shark) en Goudvis (Goldfish). They both died in less than a month...

  3. Did you say something? There were words, but somehow I can't remember them..

    Shakes head.

    Oh, fish! Yes they are fun, I like to try and draw them on the move - impossible.

    I must not scroll up, I must not scroll up, I must not scroll up, I must not scroll up, I must not scroll up...

  4. Are you suuuure that was Striper and not Stripper? To go with that Speedo??

    They do look like they have good ambiance.

  5. We've been keeping alive a beta named Galanga, after the Thai ginger root since I learned of his heritage. I had to double read Striper, too. I was like, why rule out Speedo if Stripper is cool. lol. Good luck with the fishies!


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