topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Single Pigments- Alizarin

A lot of painters like to use single pigment paint, not mixes.  This is because mixing results can be very different. (Usually duller) Always check the pigment codes on the paint to see what's in there. That way you won't buy something with a fancy name that really is just ultramarine and titanium white, or something like that. Mix it yourself and you have more control.

I do have some mixes and I like them just fine.  They can be convenient and useful. But for my basics, I do prefer single pigments. I use single pigments more than I use mixes.

Here is a fun comparison chart with Alizarin.

Real Alizarin (PR83) is not exactly fugitive, but it has known lightfast issues.  Although I have never experienced it fading.

Vasari claims their Alizarin is lightfast.  I asked them directly about it, since I don't see how their PR83 is different than anyone else's. I got an answer about quality but I remain unconvinced.
Still, I am glad they make it.


  1. I am wary about the lightfast issues with the original Alizarin, I wonder if it is worse in watercolours? I think I like the look of the Graham sample, it seems more vibrant.

  2. Color varies in the hands of the artist too.


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