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topiary cats

Monday, June 01, 2015


Daya's dance recital was SO MUCH FUN!  I was volunteer staff again for both shows this year, which I love doing.  I get to move around and go to all the good places.  I like helping out. This year I was the unofficial behind-the-scenes photographer.  I spent a lot of time right in the wings taking nice pics of the dancers.  These will be uploaded for all the parents.

Volunteering is such a great way to share the experience with Daya.  She danced six different dances between two shows, and she was just fantastic.  She loved spending time with her friends.

One things I noticed about all the girls was that they were all so positive and supportive towards each other. In both shows. The things they said to each other, the comments they spoke about amongst themselves about their peers who weren't in earshot- I didn't hear one single negative comment. They were so complimentary to one another and this made me so glad.

The dance studio really is such a positive environment.  The teachers and staff really care about their students and it shows.  This is exactly the kind of environment I want Daya in, and next year it will be even more intense because she will be on the dance Team in addition to all her classes.

I am so proud of her, and I am so proud of ALL the dancers.  It really is such a credit to all the staff.

There is so much heart.

I took a lot of pictures.... 1,802 to be exact. (They are not all good shots but a lot of them are) Amazingly, my camera battery didn't get low until the second half of the second show, and even then it never died completely.

Overall I am pleased with my photos...I did not use a flash for the stage pictures and I also did not use a tripod.

Daya pics

Here are some non-Daya stage shots that I think came out pretty good.

Next year I might try and get away with bringing a tripod.  Maybe.


  1. Fun shots. So glad that it all turned out so good. Maybe you in this situation you need a monostick. It wouldn't be as cumbersome in this situation. I think you did fine without the tripod tho.

  2. Great photos! It is simply wonderful to hear about the great experience that Daya is having with her classes! And she looks positively adorable in costume(s).


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