topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Ratfest 2015

Yes, "Ratfest" is exactly as nutty as it sounds.

My amazing friend Branwen hosted Ratfest this year in New Jersey.  She really did an amazing job and it was quite the party.

It was SO NICE to see everyone...some people again, some for the first time.  Some I hadn't seen in several years.

Branwen rented slushy machines, and had enough food to feed 5 parties.

Slushy machines

I made the Magic Ratfest Box with Cathy back in 2002!
Cathy and I stopped co-hosting Ratfest after a 10 year run.

Isn't this WONDERFUL?

My friend Jane attended.  We traveled together to NJ from NYC.  we went from Penn Station (NYC) to Penn Station (Newark).

We do NOT like Penn Station (Newark).
Since we had to switch trains, the conductor told us to go to track 5.  Penn Station (Newark) has no rational layout of tracks, and to get one track over you have to basically walk through the entire station.  It is dreadful with no rhyme or reason.

So, Track 5.  We went there.  It was blockaded and had caution tape across the doors.

We removed these obstacles and went onto the platform, only to be notified that there was a track switch to 2, but our train had just left.

So we went to track 2 to await the next train.  as a courtesy to our fellow travelers, we left the doorway unblocked by the barricade and caution tape.

When we got to track 2 and found the next train, we were instructed to go BACK TO TRACK 5.

Eventually the next train did arrive, on track 5.

It is a good thing we un-barricaded it.


Here are some of Branwen's rats.


  1. TIL that Ratfest is a thing. I'm learning a lot, lol! :-)

  2. My son had a rat for a pet many years ago. I have never felt fond of rats. Interesting that there is a fest for them. Do you take your pet with you or is it just the people that like them get together?


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