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topiary cats

Wednesday, June 03, 2015

(old) Lounge, Mulled

Did I mention I got a new camera?

I got a new camera.  She arrived this past Saturday, just in time for me to spend a day getting acquainted before putting her through some serious paces for the recital.

She is a Canon Rebel T5... a basic DSLR, but she does an excellent job and I love her rather madly.
I will post more about cameras another day. Perhaps over several days.

So, Urban Decay re-released Lounge.  (new) Lounge is much, MUCH better than (old) Lounge.

 old                                  new

 old                            new

Anyhow, I will not wear (old) Lounge again, so there is really nothing else to do with it except mull it into oil paint. That's what everyone does, right?

This is very limited-edition oil paint.

Palette knife, linseed oil, (old) Lounge.

 Smoosh up (old) Lounge.

Dump it out

Add oil very gradually, mix to good consistency

Admire the pretty paint pile

Move it around to admire it some more

 Tube it up

Make swatches

(old) Lounge tints out to Indian Red.  Urban Decay would use a synthetic mars pigment, so it would be a PR101.  This is a VERY strong and overpowering pigment, so they must have used only a little to make it so sheer.

I thought maybe it could be duplicated...I swatched some WN Indian Red and some Vasari Caput Mortuum, which is also a mars red that tints a little more purple.  The Indian Red by itself is a little bit warmer.

I added some Williamsburg Interference Green.

It didn't mix well.  The effect is lost.  The interference green should be added over the Indian red as a separate layer. Indian red is seriously overpowering though.  I guess you could use more interference green and add a tiny amount of the Indian Red, but I admit I am a little bit stingy with my interference colors, and I used all I wanted to for these testing purposes.

Even though I made a very cute mini-tube, I changed my mind and decided it really wasn't enough to save, and there wasn't enough in the tube to make it airtight anyhow, so I toned a panel.

And that is how to make oil paint out of eye shadow.


  1. The eyeshadow paint is so coooooool! It may have mica in it, do you think?

    Also, I have the old Canon Rebel, it is just 450D and I love it, you will have a great time getting to know the 700D!

    1. Rols, yes it likely does have mica, but so does the interference green.

      I LOOOVE my rebel, she is a Canon EOS Rebel T5 1200D and I am completely smitten.

  2. So you are a chemist too. You just had too much fun. Waste no want not. ;)

  3. Oh wow, how creative and science-y, haha :-) I have the new Lounge and I really like it.

  4. Old lounge is my favorite eyeshadow of all time. Your paint is really cool and pretty but MAN. I would trade all of my huge makeup collection for a tin of the original Lounge shadow. You don't happen to have more, do you? The new is way too green and iridescent for me. The bruised appearance of the old formula does amazing things to my olive complexion and detracts from dark circles something major. So, you know, in the event you've been hoarding it and are bored with the paint, lmk! ;)


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