topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

How I Get Away with Anything

It's true, I can get away with anything,
I can explain away anything about myself that might be somewhat odd.

Such as but not limited to:
  • chaotic apartment 
  • ELECTRIC eye shadow 
  • lack of good math skillz/outright refusal to do math 
  • explanation of various things that may be floating in my purse (pencil sharpener, sometimes paint, sketchbook) 
  • strange ideas 
  • all the books 
  • the assortment of oddities around my apartment (for still life, you never know) 
  • my obsession with clouds 
  • the seemingly un-associated tangents I go off on

All I ever have to say is, "I paint."

It always works.  Every time.


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