topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, May 11, 2015

Watching Paint Dry and A Great Dating Tip

There are people in this world who actually like watching paint dry, and talking about it too.

I am one of those people.  Doesn't that make me sound FUN?

I think this would be a great conversation topic for a first date.  ***
It might go something like this:

Him:  So, what do you like to do in your spare time?
Me: Well, I like adding somethings and nothings into different oil paints and seeing how long it takes for the paint to dry.  And then I talk to other people about it. 
Him:  ......

Yeah, I'm FUN.

*** You may feel free to use this conversation when out on a date with someone you don't want to see again.  Ever again.

In my studio, my typical artist grade paints take anywhere from 3-5 days to dry.  That's the Gamblins, WNs, M. Grahams, etc.  Earth colors might be dry in a day or two.  Vasaris and Williamsburgs can take up to 2 weeks to touch-dry.

Gamblin's solvent-free gel takes a day or 2.
Galkyd takes one to two days.  Metallics a little longer.
Neo-Megilp- 1-2 days
Liquin takes 24 hours-ish.
Copal (real copal) tacks up while I am painting.
M. Graham Walnut alkyd takes 2-3-4 days depending on paint thickness and pigment.

Drying times are affected by paint thickness, the oil in the paint, the medium used, the climate, and the quality of frustration in your thoughts towards your painting.  What it really comes down to, regardless of additives and whatnot, is that if you want the paint to dry it will not.  If you do not want the paint to dry it will.

Now you know.

Cats always know when a painting is wet.
You will know if your painting is dry if your cats completely ignore it.

Card today: Ghostlands (reversed)
This is a pretty and cool card and I like it a lot.  Especially the icy ghost-flowers.

My Interpretation: Frozen time, living in one's head, living in unreality, seeking wisdom from Beyond

Booklet says:  "You can learn from the past and imagine a beautiful future, but you must live in the here-and-now"  Reversed meaning talks about wandering in an emotional or intellectual place with no real substance. Live one day at a time.  Stay away from the Ghostlands of past and future.


  1. I like watching paint dry and talking about it, too!

    You are so right about the cats, though, dry paintings just don't cut it for them at all.

  2. :D That is a fabulous dating tip. I'm pretty sure it wouldn't have chased Jared off...he knew from the beginning I'm extremely weird.

  3. This reminds me about a friend that has often said he would rather watch paint dry than to listen to dulcimer music. ha... So you see, there is somethings worse than watching paint drying. This also reminds me of the time I had a new sidewalk poured and the men "had" to watch the concrete dry. This was to so they could stamp a pattern in it. ha.... I would rather watch paint dry.


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