topiary cats

topiary cats

Saturday, May 09, 2015

Two Paintings

I am supposed to do three paintings a week as part of my May goals.  So here are two paintings.  I have a third but it needs a final layer and it is still too wet.  One I did most of at the end of April but that is still ok.  This is not about being hard on myself.  It is about keeping myself moving, which can be difficult.

The other thing these paintings are not about is technique.  These are not intended to be technical paintings. They are conceptual sketch-paintings.  The way a poem is not an essay.

Good painting, just like any other form of expression and communication, requires vocabulary. Technique is vocabulary.  Composition, color, perspective, form, anatomy, DRAWING, brushwork, materials- these are all vocabulary. All essential things which require constant practice and grow as cumulative skills.  Ideally, it is good to combine excellent vocabulary with something interesting to say.  One fails without the other.  Even for abstract painters this is (should be) true.

But sometimes it is nice to let go and just simply speak with colors and let technique be there in the background. Play. No pressure. So here are two paintings.

5x7 oil on canvas panel

Card today Gentle Gardener (upright)
I feel like such crap and I keep getting these nice upright cards.  Every morning when I draw a card I am always expecting some sort of ...well, something challenging.  Or just plain crappy.  Because that is possible with this deck, and I like that because it is balanced.  If something is wrong I want to know about it.

My interpretation: This is a peaceful scene.A restful, sunny, awakening scene with wise benevolent presence watching.  Caring.  That's nice, especially because that's not the way I feel today.

Booklet says: "Be your own person.   Be a conscious co-creator."  Booklet talks about our thoughts, beliefs, etc creating our experience. Divine integrity behind my intentions.  "Stay positive and expect a wondrous return."



  1. Really like the paintings!

  2. Oooh, excellent paintings - three a week is quite a challenge, I am not managing that at the moment!

  3. Nice paintings. Good for you that you are painting so much here in May.

  4. Ooo yay for paint!! I think they are frabjous. <3


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