topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, May 25, 2015

Two More Paintings

I painted both of these yesterday.

5x7 Acrylic on canvas panel

Card today is Spirit of Place (upright)

My Interpretation:  The place around us has its own energy, especially places of nature.  Knowing where you are is really important- knowing where you are in life, relationships, etc.  Knowing where you are and coming to terms with it can help in deciding where to go from here.

Booklet says:  "Authenticity is the essence of power."  Every place has a spirit looking after it or embodying it.  Theme of your circumstances.  Embosy the essence of what you want.  Let go of the need to control.  Once you find the essential truth that underlies your question and then name it, you'll discover what you have been seeking.


  1. Interesting paintings. It appears that someone is seeking, chasing the pearl of wisdom.

  2. Lovely paintings - I love the little splash of red in them.

  3. These are both sooooo lovely. Did you use a toothbrush for the stars?

    1. Yep. Everyone needs an old toothbrush living in the brush farm.


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