topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Tripod Love

Is it possible to be in love with a tripod?

Because I am.

I just got a new tripod.  This has been long-overdue for a few years.  I have been looking around but didn't find anything until... this wonderful tripod.

My Yellowstone box and my old tripod are NOT FRIENDS.  This is understandable though, as my old tripod doesn't like anything heavier than 13.2 lbs.  I LOVE my old tripod, and it is perfect for my 2 smaller boxes, but my fully loaded Yellowstone is much heavier.

NOTE:  I very highly recommend my old tripod.  It is a fantastic tripod for a fantastic price. I have been using it for the last five (5) years and it has held up perfectly.  I will keep using it for my small boxes. This is great because I leave the quick release plate screwed into the bottom of my box.  Now I don't have to worry about forgetting it.

My new tripod holds up to 26.5lbs, and can happily withstand even my fully-loaded Yellowstone.  It is a good price- these things can go for $500+! I like the carrying bag, and it isn't heavy.  Setup is fine.  There are more tilt options which is nice in case I'm on uneven terrain or something. And I still need to test this, but my umbrella might attach to the pan handles.  That would be really fantastic.

WARNING: The quick release did not want to release the first time I released it. No matter what. I leaned in for a closer look to make sure I was doing it right (I was), and I punched myself in the nose.  That was a one-time incident, however, as the quick release is now behaving properly.


Panpastel jars are the most awesome solvent cups EVER for plein air.

Left: panpastel jar  
Right: jar that came with my Belly River box
Card today Education (reversed)

My interpretation: Hmmm... I'm trying to think of an interpretation for a reversed meaning here. All I have is holding on to old lessons that do not serve in the present, the need to open the mind to new experiences, not getting stuck in old outdated thought/knowledge, not applying lessons learned to current circumstance.  Need to learn new things, or no new learning taking place.


Booklet says:  "Life is filled with lessons.  Be teachable."  Desire to know it all and be right, Not-knowing being a magical place.

Hmmm.  I'm going to ponder this one.  I don't know a whole lot more than I know.  In general, I couldn't care less if I am wrong.  Really.  But I might not always come across that way.  In fact, the friend who dumped me said to me (in all caps) YOU ARE NOT ALWAYS RIGHT...though I never claimed to be.  I am cool with being wrong. (and I'm not even sure what she was referring to when she said that)

However, when I speak my viewpoints I am confident and very direct. I can see how that might be misinterpreted.  And I am honest. If asked, I will say what I honestly think.  Anyone who really gets to know me should know better.  I don't have any particular need to be right or correct.

But I will not apologize for being confident.


  1. Wow, nice tripod and LOL at the nose punch!

  2. Your new tripod is very nice. We use tripods for our spotting scopes and cameras. Ours has a locking device so that once you get the foot into the mechanism it locks into place. Maybe your new tripod has this locking option. It is quite useful when you hike into an area with say your paints on the tripod. The box won't flip off if it is knocked by a limb or you drop it (heaven forbid).

    I have never used pastels or oils. How in the world do you get home with a painted picture and all your gear without messing up the painting?


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