topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Thoughts for, um...Thinking

I was thinking about that Internal post from last Friday, and I was thinking about what someone said to me a couple of years ago about me embarrassing myself when it comes to people.

So I asked Carey if maybe I am embarrassing myself.  And we got to talking about stuff and things. The both of us are very extremely internal, and we both live very deeply on that level. We both paint, and we both have kept journals for many years.  (Carey is more of a writer than I am though; I have no interest in writing other than this blog and the writing I have to do for work.)

Anyhow, I had a thought that maybe the writing is a way to deal with the depth.  Maybe it is because this is just not the kind of stuff I talk to anyone about, ever.   (Except Carey sometimes)

In the grand scheme of humanity- throughout layers of time, history, cultures, location- our little lives are nothing special.  And yet, at the same time, our lives are special.  It is a paradox.  Zoom in, zoom out.  I love thinking about the people who occupied the exact same space as me in a different time. (The original wooden escalators at Macy's, for example, put me in this mind frame every single time.) They have all come and gone. And yet, we overlap.  We are connected.

I like to think about these people in the past.  I also like to think about people right now, at this exact moment, all over the world, who might be going through things.  All kinds of different situations. People I don't know, or even know about.  But I still think about them, because I know they are out there.

Macy's still has some
original wooden escalators.
I love them.

Card today: Sad Embrace (reversed)
Damn...oh well.

My interpretation: Desolation, despair, loneliness, no comfort, dark night of the soul, depression, grief, mourning, permanent loss

Booklet says:  "Love is a part of life.  Let go and allow time to heal you."  Holding on to suffering, let go of unfairness, embrace sadness so it can dissipate.  Trials and tribulation build character.

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  1. A very thought-provoking post. I too am quite internal, keeping things to myself most of the time, especially problems etc. My parents were the same, it is a sort of pride thing, a vanity, maybe. In my case, that is.

    The escalators are amazing, they don't make them like that any more!


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