topiary cats

topiary cats

Thursday, May 14, 2015


I recently finished an amazing book...and in that book was a blurb about NYC that I have so very often thought:

It's one thing to see New York City on tv or imagine it 
as an author brings it to life on the page, 
but it's another thing entirely to be in the midst 
of the action and energy.  
It pulses out of every crack in the sidewalk, 
from signposts, and from mortared bricks. 
 It's like everyone who's ever been there left a little bit of themselves behind, making the city itself a living organism.
                                                                         from Sugar by Dierdre Riordan Hall

from the top of the Central Park Reservoir. 2014

Central Park
Conservatory Water, 2014
It's all true, but that last bit especially- it is so very, deeply true. It is actually a tangible feeling; a presence. The city holds all of its history and all the people who have ever been here.  It is something I have consciously noticed and been aware of during my whole life here.

from 59th Street Bridge. 2015
Rockerfeller Center 2014

I have said it before, this city is the ultimate love-hate relationship. And sadly, it has gotten more and more generic over the years.  9/11 changed the city forever.  Gentrification is a problem.  There are a whole lot of other problems too. (The horses in Central Park are NOT a problem!!) However, NYC still contains all cultures, all languages, all frequencies of humanity. All different levels of life and lifestyle. It is a micro-cosm of the entire planet. 
from Central Park Reservoir, 
looking West 2014

From the top of the
Empire State Building, 2013

Grand Central Terminal
3 days ago
I remember when the ceiling was black, 
before they cleaned it up so nicely

My Work Neighbor,
who says hi to Carey

And if you are here, and if you drift around for a bit, whether it is down 5th Ave along Central Park, the cobblestone streets in SoHo, or along the Hudson on the West Side, anywhere really- you'll feel it too.

Lower Manhattan 
from Governor's Island, 2012

Statue of Liberty, 2003

Card today: Slow and Steady (upright)

My interpretation: Keep moving forward, keep following the lights, patience, don't rush, coming out of a shell, things in their own time.  The mask in the card which is coming undone- new perspectives.

Booklet says: "Slow and steady wins the race"  Easy movement, unhurried steps, steady heart, take life at a leisurely pace.

I don't like to rush. Which is odd since I live in NYC which is a FAST city, and I do go fast a lot- I walk fast, my mind goes fast, I think 4 minutes is a long time to wait for the train......however- I like to consciously be in the moment of whatever I am doing.  I might be walking fast down the street, or over the bridge, but that's because it is comfortable. It is my natural pace.  Not because I am hurrying to the next thing.  I am fully present in the moment. It's a mental thing.  And I meditate a lot, which slows me down and balances the fast.


  1. It looks like an amazing place and you have brought it alive to me more than anyone else ever has. Wonderful photos too!

  2. Hmm...this might explain some things.....

    Hello, Mr. Rex!!

  3. NYC is like a world within a world. Slow is the best pace. Fewer mistakes and one can savor the good.


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