topiary cats

topiary cats

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Notes to Self

Introducing Mutual Madness....

Carey and I have decided to post about the same topic/title simultaneously!  This should be fun.

My artist brain gets strange ideas in strange moments, and I have to keep a record of them somehow, because my child-and cat-addled brain is pretty much like a sieve.  I remember all the stuff I want to forget, and forget all the stuff I want to remember.  I routinely forget to remember things.  Most of the time, I don't worry about it, and truly- it doesn't seem to matter at all.

My brain is exactly like
this upside-down sieve

Here is a list of things I should/need to remember:
*Whether to go to work or not
*Paying bills on time
*Feeding cats/Daya
*Painting ideas
*Blog post ideas
*Where I live
*Scheduled appointments/events
*Peoples' birthdays
*What I wore yesterday
*Book recommendations
*Cool stuff to research later
*Art supplies that I need
*Things my friends like/don't like
*Library book due dates

Here is a list of things I do not need to remember
*What day it is
*How old I am
*I already forgot what else

As you can see, the list of things I need to remember is considerably longer.  This is why I always, constantly, without fail, make notes to myself.

There are five (5) ways I generally do this:
1. My sketchbook
2. The Notes app in my phone
3. I will occasionally make a note on a sticky note but only at work.  And those notes, if important, get transferred to the notes on my phone
4. I take a picture
5. This blog

Before phones with apps I used a palm pilot (remember those?) and sticky notes.  And of course sketchbooks.

The good thing about always being note-ready is that it opens up creativity.  I am always open to inspiration. Whether it shows up or not is a different matter.  But the point is, I pay attention to it.

Paying attention to your creativity and allowing it is the best way to actually be a creative person.

Ok, you have now read my post on Notes to Self (THANK YOU for visiting and reading, I love you!!!! It is amazing to me that people actually read my tiny stupid blog) now go read Carey's.

Card today is Moonlight (upright)

My interpretation: Beauty and wisdom in the night (owl), in the cycles and phases of the moon which are also the cycles and phases of life (that hourglass). Light in the dark which illuminates.

Booklet says: "Your intuition allows you to see beyond the mundane, logical, and analytical.  Follow it."
Booklet talks about trusting yourself and your intuition. Symbolic language.  Spirit is sending messages to help.  Follow the signs.

I do that.


  1. I no longer enjoy the excellent memory that I used to have and I rely on both electronic means (online calendar, notes on phone, "to-do" lists on the laptop etc) and I also carry around a notebook. I love my notebooks, they aren't sketchbooks, but sometimes ideas do get sketched in them. As time goes on, they become a bit dog-eared and end up with lots of post-its adorning the edges. I often think they look quite pretty like that.

  2. Rolina, a beat up notebook is definitely beautiful. <3

    Jessica, your remembering list is longer than mine....but mostly because I forget even that which I need to remember. So yay for your comprehensive notes! :D

    I always thought palm pilots looked fun. Somehow I never really thought phones looked fun...I still don't come to think on it, but I do still enjoy their convenience.

  3. You have a lot to remember. I am semiretired, children grown so I don't have a whole lot I HAVE to remember. The dog reminds me if I forget to feed her which I sometimes do forget. I like reading your blog. It is like visiting with a friend. I enjoy seeing your daughter grow up. I like seeing your cats in action. Such is life.

  4. As to notes to self. See I lost track of the conversation already (above). I do keep notes to self. i usually use scratch paper. If it is something I want to shop for I put a note on my phone. To remember appointments I have to put them on my phone calendar and the calendar on the refrigerator. Gosh am I forgetting something else? Oh yes, I have two garden journals. Several WC journals that I paint in from time to time. Right now my garden takes all my energy. When it gets hot and I can't get out to work/create in the garden I will paint again. Excuse me while I make a note of that. ;)


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