topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Happy Birthday Blog!

Today my little blog turns ten years old!

Let's celebrate with cake!  Leopard print, of course.  Inside and out.

Let us eat leopard cake

I'm actually pretty shocked that I stuck with it for ten weeks, let alone ten years.  But then again I have always been prone to journaling.

Just like how I find yoga, or a good long walk to be grounding and cleansing, blogging is also grounding and cleansing. It gets junk out of my head so I can forget about it until I read an old blog post.  I don't pretend it is important, or not self-centered, or useful to anyone else, or anything like that. Its purpose is to be my little corner of the internet and whatever that may contain.  All it really does is serve as a record for my thoughts and my life.

I sometimes think about why I want to record my life in some form, and all I can say is that in some way that I can't really define, it helps me.  I'm a no-one.  My life is nothing exceptional. I am just a regular normal girl (who paints) and I'm absolutely content with that. I don't want to be or pretend to be anything else.   Blogging keeps me in touch with myself,  It helps me sort myself out. 

Thank you to everyone who visits- that is really nice of you, especially when this is not a blog with an intention to serve a reader base in some way. I am deeply honored that you have come to visit my little corner of mind-ramblings.

I took Daya to see Matilda last night. We had front row almost-center seats which I got for a fantastic price. This was her second Broadway play.  A couple of years ago she was in an after-school production of Annie (she was Pepper) and Annie was on Bway again at the same time, so we went.

Matilda was AWESOME. SUPERB.  AMAZING.  The whole production was just so well done. If you are in town, check it out.  

The stage floor.  
Lots of stuff came up from the floor.  
The staging was incredible.

 Daya on the stage steps


Card for today is Protecting Treasure (reversed)

My interpretation: holding on too tightly to worthless things, being stuck in a rut, valuing the wrong things, not seeing the true treasures around us

I honestly don't think this interpretation applies to me but that is how I see this card.  It does, however, apply- in my eyes- to someone who was once very close to me and who I have had a conflict with this (now yesterday) morning, which is very much on my mind right now.  It's that friend I lost who dumped everyone that I posted about last week.

Booklet says: "You are always protected and divinely directed"
Do you too easily give your loyalty to those who haven't earned it?  (Um,  YES)
Assess personal loyalties and determine whether they are being returned.

Um, wow.  That could not possibly be 
any more accurate for today.

Side Note 1:  I do prepare and schedule blog posts in advance, but I do not pull cards in advance. That would defeat the entire purpose. My blog is still one day behind my card-drawing.  When I draw a card I shuffle several times while asking 'What is my message for today?"
Side Note 2: I write my own thoughts and interpretation before looking at the booklet.
Side Note 3:  I haven't read the book that goes with the deck yet.  I really should do that.  But somehow, I kind of like the not-knowing-no-background-info-beforehand, if that makes any sense.


  1. Happy blogaversary. That is a long time to be blogging. I think I am coming up to my 10th year. I started a gardening blog because I wanted to connect with gardening people. I didn't know many in my new town. I still don't know many but have since made gardening friends here. I continue to post but less frequentyly. My art blog is rarely used any more. The people I met through that blog have gone on to FB. I am not so fond of FB. It seems so impersonal for some reason. Maybe I have it backward. FB has too much information. I don't think the world needs to know every little thing.
    These cards you use intrigue me. I have never heard of them before. You have a great imagination. I am sure this helps with the interpretations. Intersting pictures on those cards.

  2. Yay for cake!! And shows!

  3. I need to see what year my blog started. Thanks to you, I kept going!!!! Happy anniversary to you!!!!!

  4. Happy Blogday! Matilda looked great - what a lovely adventure for you two!

  5. Congrats! Keep on keeping on, my friend.


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