topiary cats

topiary cats

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

Fan Confession

I have a list of thoughts and one confession concerning fans.  As in fan brushes.

2 of these fans are from pastel color shaper sets

1. They are hands-down the coolest looking brushes ever.
2. They are SUPERCUTE.
3. The first time I ever saw a fan brush, I was in 5th grade and it was at a tag sale. It had white bristles. Unfortunately, the brush did not become mine. But I wanted to adopt it.
4. I got my first fan brush after college.  Yes, it took that long.

It's SO CUTE!!!

I have no idea how to properly use a fan brush.

Completely serious.  Not for lack of trying.  I do have two (2) fans as part of my pastel color shaper sets- and they make more sense with pastels than oils.  I have asked and spoken to other artists.  But whatever magic the fans posses for some artists, who love them, they have never revealed that magic to me.

People use them to blend.  And do other things. I, too, have tried using them to blend and do other things. I just get streaks no matter how light a touch I use.

And once they get wet- with water or solvent- forget it.  Even if I wipe them on my oily rag. The bristles stick together in clumps.  And I am back to blending with brights.

So as much as I love fans, they just don't love me back.  Except when I use them with pastels.

Ultramarine Green Update
It is officially extinct.  Kremer doesn't have any more PG24, and Rembrandt switched over to a mix, which I am not interested in getting, even for comparison purposes.  I don't want fake ultramarine green.

Now A Relic of Antiquity

Card: Wizard of Awareness (upright)

My interpretation: He is old and pensive.  I usually feel like I am about three thousand years old, and I am also pensive.  Too pensive, sometimes.  He is concentrating, he has that look of Deep Thinking, perhaps trying to figure something out.  He is not looking directly at the viewer.  I also do that when I am thinking about something or "looking" into something beneath the surface.

Booklet says:  "Your soul knows; be still and observe."  It talks about mindfulness both within and without.
The booklet also says something I quite like:  "Wearing the world as a loose garment requires you to adopt a sense that nothing that happens to you is personal."

That is true.  I get mad, sad, frustrated, and irritated, but I rarely take things personally.  Mostly what people do is about them, not about me.

"You wouldn't worry so much of what others think of you
if you realized how seldom they do."
-Eleanor Roosevelt


  1. Fan brushes - yay, they are cute indeed. I find they work best once the paint has begun to tack up a bit, then you don't need quite such a light touch. What I do is lightly zig-zag along the border between two colours to get them to blend softly. Don't give up on them, they are worth sticking with.

    I mourn the demise of the Ultramarine Green, a sad loss :(

  2. Oh, poor ultramarine sad. I am glad some of it has a good home. <3

    Fan brushes are fun. I haven't used them a lot. They are good for kitty hair, though. (Both collecting said hair and painting it. On a canvas. Though, of course, you can't help but coat the cat hair *on* the canvas, too. Double duty.)


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