topiary cats

topiary cats

Friday, May 29, 2015

Duo-Tone Rainbow

Q: What's even better than one color?
A: A color that flashes another color!!

Here is, for your visual gratification, an Urban Decay duo-tone rainbow!

The new Urban Decay 2015 Summer colors.  
Yes I have worn them all.


Also, how freaking COOL is this?
I have matching duo-tone eye shadow and duo-tone oil paint.

UD Flipside and (old) Lounge*
*if you have old Lounge DEFINITELY get new Lounge.  It is way better.

DS Saguaro and Aquamarine


Paint piles

Canvas panel getting Saguaro as the background color

Card today: Follow the Leader (upright)
I'm not very good at just following along....unless it is really necessary...I like to know what's off the path,  It is almost always more interesting. I can follow directions but that's not the same thing.  I do tend to wander and just do my own thing...unless I can be the Leader.  Can I be the leader?

My Interpretation:  I just had a Thought.  Maybe the Leader isn't another person.  In that case, I'm on board.  Perhaps the Leader is the Eternal Tao, the Universe, the Path of Life.  All those creatures are heading towards an eventuality (the clock) but they still go their own direction to get there.  I like that. Or, be your own Leader.

Booklet says: "Every life is a teaching tool for others.  Your authenticity and honesty are an example to those around you." Leading others by example, wisdom, bravery in adventures of life. Suffering has been turned into wisdom, time to share it. Lead with love.  Can also mean emulating someone of great character.


  1. There you go.
    As much as I like color I don't wear makeup. Oh if I am feeling real prissy I might put on some lipstick. It must be the old hippy in me. When I was young and wanted to wear makeup my mother wouldn't allow it. When I was older and she wanted me to wear it I wouldn't. Ha... Such is life.

  2. I just got four new UD eyeshadows :-) Two neutral/natural shades and two bright ones, Tonic and the new Lounge.

  3. I have the watercolor version of saguaro. :) Love the eye shadows!

  4. They are lovely eye shadows - now I want to go buy some more interesting colours, I love the flashes of different colours in these - I remember when cars were painted like that for a while, it was cool! (My late dad who was a bit of a paint geek when it comes to car paint, explained how it works, it is very clever).


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