topiary cats

topiary cats

Monday, May 04, 2015

Double Pinky Promise

Daya is starting the pre-tween stuff.  Just starting.  This is new and scary for both of us.  Saturday night we had a big fight, but all is well now.  She is growing and changing, and so I need to adjust as a parent. There are things that not-pre-tween kids don't care about that pre-tween kids care very much about.

It is awkward and clunky for both of us.  We do have a very good, open and solid relationship, so I know that everything will be ok, but there will be moments.

Sunday morning I sat with Daya and we talked a little more.  We made a double-pinky-promise vow to each other to have patience and compassion for each other during hard moments.  And we can also remind each other to be patient and compassionate.

Sulky-fits and fresh mouth aside, Daya really has an amazing heart.  She is a great kid.  She is trustworthy, responsible, and mature- but she is still a cute little kid in all the right ways.  She considers others besides herself.  She is very loving and hard working.  I am proud of her.

This teen stuff scares me, and it scares her too.  So we really will need all the patience and compassion for each other as possible.

Dry Desert (upright)

3+1=4, 4 is stability kind of number.  Which sucks and is good at the same time. I already linked to the number 4 in earlier posts.

My interpretation: For years, for many years, I have consciously felt like I have been walking through a desert. I have used this analogy in my thoughts many times.  It has been stable and dry.  And a bit brutal, to be honest.  And seemingly never-ending.  I am still in this desert, and it does still seem never-ending but I have hope that it will end at some point.  I have found oases (oiasises?)- some have dried up and some have appeared.  Some have been mirages.

Sometimes I think everything I perceive, everything I have hope and faith in, everything I believe in, is nothing more than a mirage.  Sometimes I think I am a mirage.

Again, though the figure is seemingly alone, she has company in the overhead bird and the distant cacti.  So although she may seem alone, and feel like it, there is company of sorts.

This is a colorful image though, and there is beauty in the colorful desert. That applies to my desert journey as well.

The booklet talks about resilience and digging deep for inspiration.  It talks about .opportunities that yield nothing.

That hits home for sure.  Spot on.

But I am most definitely resilient, no question.  The desert has definitely done that to me.


  1. It is a difficult time when your kid hits that age, but it is transient and will pass, I like that you two have made a pact to be compassionate to each other.

    Ahh, the desert, I am lucky that I walk it with dear friends by my side and to be honest, I quite like it now.

  2. The teen years are the most difficult in child rearing I think. When you have been through it you know you can get through anything. :) Hang in there. Your desert will flourish and you little corner of heaven will be worth it all.

  3. Daya is a great kid largely because she has a great mom. You two have an excellent relationship and will get through the hard parts.


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