topiary cats

topiary cats

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Dear Tourists

Dear Tourists,
You have all been doing something very annoying lately.  You have been walking verrrrry slowly around Times Square with your phones on top of selfie sticks.

As much as I genuinely want you to enjoy this wonderful city, please understand THAT YOU ARE SLOWING DOWN TRAFFIC IN A MAJOR OBNOXIOUS WAY AND YOUR PHONE ON THE SELFIE STICK LOOKS FUCKING STUPID. 

I was perplexed about this new trend of selfie sticks in Times Square that has popped up.  Because I really can't imagine that so many people would actually own one of the things.

Oh, but Friday I found the source:  I had to wait almost 10 minutes (seriously) to take this picture because the tourist couple looking at them took that long to decide which one to get.

 Yeah, WALGREENS.  Way to go.

TIP TO TOURISTS: Do not buy sushi from Walgreens.  Just.... NO.


Love and hugs and sparkly unicorn hearts and kisses and

PS I'm almost never this grumpy.

Oh WAIT-- it is Mother's Day.  Was I supposed to post something for Mother's Day? Or thoughts about motherhood?  And I posted Walgreens sushi instead?

Every day is mothers day because I am a mom every single day.  There ya go.

Have a happy one!

Card today Come Together (reversed)
Well, that's crappy.  :(

My interpretation: separation, broken partnership, end of love, no love, nothing lasts forever

Booklet says: "Love needs to be shared." Reversed:  unbalanced love connection, withheld intimacy, lack, emotional depletion, pouring water into empty wells,

Well, it's also somewhat also says "What is truly for you will never walk past you or require this much energy."  "True love will always find its reflection in another."



  1. Tourist herds have returned to Hudson too, walking very slowly in groups of 3 and 4 that take up the width of the sidewalk. I feel your pain.

  2. The selfie stick is a weird phenom to me. Odd that so many people like to do this. Are they afraid they won't believe their own memory of a trip? I have never liked pictures of self. It is difficult enough to look in the mirror in the morning. ha... Happy Mother's Day anyway.

  3. Let's hope "Selfie Shoes" don't become a big thing!


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