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topiary cats

Sunday, April 19, 2015


A friend forwarded me an email about free angel readings.  What the heck, it was free so I signed up. Of course the reading was total BS...I know this because for the fun of it I did it again with a different birthday and email...the Angel was different but the rest of the "reading" was exactly the same.

BUT- I discovered the angel Yelahiah (pronounced Yela-yah), the Karmic Warrior, Angel 44 in the choir of Virtue who apparently has something or other to do with the Physical for birthdays Oct 29th through November 2.  Well, that's me.  (I researched more and found there are other angels ruling intellectual and emotional as well)

Here's what my "free reading" (lol) said about Yelahiah:

Yelahiah is the Angel who embodies faithfulness. Faithfulness in the noble sense of the word. Faithfulness as regards values, faithfulness as regards the established order, as well as love, goodness, primordial wisdom, so that you may forge ahead, with a pure heart and your head held high, on the path to your destiny…

Thus, Yelahiah will inspire within you a sense of responsibility, of respect for your commitments. Yelahiah will also contribute to the balance and harmony between your divine “I” and your earthly “I”. This will result in greater open-mindedness and powerful perceptive abilities that can lead you to your objectives, whether these be personal or professional.

Yelahiah is also the Angel who embodies justice; his symbol is a sacred tree, the three branches of which are Truth, Freedom, and Justice… from Truth comes Freedom; from Freedom comes Justice. Yelahiah frees the oppressed, protects the innocent, and reveals the true, authentic facts. He protects lawmen and assists them in their quest for what is right.

Yelahiah also provides you with unexpected support when defending just causes. He lights the dark side of things, shows you the way you must follow, and escort you to the end of the tunnel.

Yelahiah develops your taste for discovery, impels you to move forward, straight to success.

Under his divine influence, you can get a kind of material success, mostly through “reparations” for some injustice you may have suffered.

He too is seen as the angel of pure souls. He symbolizes the return to the faith after a period of doubt. He releases the being and the soul of their bad thoughts and bad habits. Yelahiah is the angel of Purification. He opens new perspectives, changes minds, and upsets mindsets.

Yelahiah will also quash your doubts and decrease your anxieties. He gifts you with a quick and practical intelligence that allows you to multiply your odds of success in everything you undertake.

Here is another link with cool info

Here's another link

I think I really like Yelahiah. I relate to a lot of this.  So, while the "free reading" was total bunk, it was cool to learn about this Angel.

I do need angelic presence- especially in times like now where I don't feel connected to anything.  I just have to trust it is there regardless.


  1. What was the rest of your reading?

    1. It wasn't a reading... it was psychic-spam disguised as a reading. Everyone gets the same "reading". The info on angels corresponding to birth dates can be found thru a google search.

  2. Did Padre continue to contact you? I keep getting messages every few days, but I haven't parted with money.

  3. Oh yeah. On two different email accounts, both of which were unsubscribed from receiving more emails. Don't part with your money.

  4. Ok, sounds like I shall have to follow suit and unsubscribe. Did Padre keep reiterating a specific "date," to you? And were you told that your positive beneficial karma had been hijacked by someone or something malicious that swapped their negative karmic debt for yours?

  5. L..., everyone gets these same emails. I got them too. Same stuff. In two different email accounts. No one can hijack your karma; this is ludicrous. Don't worry, if you miss your specific date, you'll get another one, same nonsense. No one can do a special secret ceremony to fix your problems. This is psychic spam at its worst. DO NOT send them money, and stop reading the emails if they cause you anxiety. When you unsubscribe you may still get them though. Put them in the trash where they belong. Best wishes.


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